Mod_Business, a better way to program HTML 5 applications.

Mod_Business consists of, at the core, three compiled native code executable programs.

Besides the three applications, there are hundreds of scripts in Python, XML, and Javascript.

All of these programs are linked to various BOOST libraries, including but not limited to Boost::Python, Boost::Filesystem, Boost::Regex, boost::system.

CPython along with Boost::Python is used to create a scripted environment for controlling the behavior of the requests.

The same set of scripts are used by the three executables to rapidly develop highly interactive and responsive web based applications.

The executables handle creating an environment for the python scripts, take care of storing session information and connecting to the database, and process the XML scripts that trigger the use of python.

Each executable is designed for a specific method of access. There is CGI and FCGI, the CGI version only used for uploading and downloading of files. The FCGI is used for all regular requests. The third executable is a fully self contained server based on Boost::ASIO and websocket++(A BSD licensed library), for those HTML 5 websockets.
Each websocket executable should only handle one task: eg: the one running on port 9002 should only ever be chat, while the one on 9003 can do some other task. There may be ways to isolate behaviors within executables, but the overhead and time required to do that isn't worth it. Just launch a new one on a new port for a new task.
It only takes up 5mb of ram per copy..

Libraries used: