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Quick Alpine Gitlab Runner

  • hosting
  • server
  • infrastructure
  • runner
  • gitlab


  1. A Hypervisor, I use Proxmox
    1. A VM with Alpine installed with enough space to host whatetever is intended to be hosted
  2. A running gitlab instance, in my case
    1. A gitlab read_api key for your gitlab instance
    2. A gitlab project id number for a project you want this runner to work.

Install Alpine and configure a few base packages

In my setup I use proxmox to create a VM for the project, if I'm hosting a game server like 7 days to die it will need around 20GB of space. So allocate that first.

apk add nano
nano /etc/apk/repositories
Uncomment the community repository, save repositories file
apk add docker curl wget jq qemu-guest-agent bash
rc-update add docker boot
rc-update add qemu-guest-agent boot
service docker start
service qemu-guest-agent start
possibly reboot now, up to you.
wget -O
Make changes if necessary
bash ./

If all goes well the gitlab runner is now available and enabled for the project id set when running the